andy fok shan
Architectural Designer
ABOUT ME: Well, i'm a cook and i always had an interest in architecture! A friend of mine gave me SU 3 years ago and since then I was able to learn how to use it and with the help of online friends and SU Facebook pages I excelled in that field. i am not a professional and i have my own way for presentations! :)
My challanges on SKETCHUPTEXTURE


Entry 1 Spiderman Theme
Votes: 5
Su + Kerkythea + Ps
Entry 2 The Halo Attack
Votes: 3
Su + Kerkythea + Ps
Entry 3 Fusion Retro
Votes: 4
Su + Kerkyhtea + Ps
About my workAs some of you already know i have great imagination but lack real render presentations! I, somehow, find it boring to just add models and render, if you have a powerful CPU, then fine but his model is already 34Mb and i can't wait 2 days for render! :) I understand these are unusual presentations but this is art and the rules say we can use imagination in any way possible! I don't expect to be amongst the top 10 but i know some of you like the concept! :) Well, thanks for liking my work!... cheers!...
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