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We tried using VERAS for SKETCHUP
by Sketchup Texture - Posted on Friday, January 19, 2024 We tried using VERAS for SKETCHUP Veras is an AI-powered visualization add-in, that uses your 3d model geometry as a substrate for creativity and inspiration. Take your SketchUp ideation and visualization workflows to the next level using AI tech.
So we want to share our first experience with you testing VERAS for Sketchup which we did using the trial version. The trial version, compared to the paid version, does not allow you to obtain images greater than 1024 x1024 px and allows you to do around 30 tests

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2 NEW FEATURES  for all  users

From today it is possible to add, as a reminder, the textures you prefer in the personal folder called FAVORITES
and you can remove them whenever you want. To view the contents of the folder, in the top bar, next to your account name. click on FAVORITES*


If you don't remember that you have already downloaded a texture, and you have already downloaded it, you will see a message warning you "You have already downloaded this texture" The function is retroactive as of 2016.
New feature  on our site for all  users

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