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Support us with a small donation by BECOMING A CLUB MEMBER !

Sketchup Texture Club website is a non-profit organization managed by Image Promotion Association.
if you like what we do and want to keep this site alive, consider support us with a little DONATION by becoming a CLUB MEMBER !
 Your donation is really important because helps us to sustain the costs of the site: the web hosting space, the bandwidth, which must guarantee a multi-access contemporary from all over the world, the continued assistance of a webmaster, and remuneration for our staff that enables us constantly produce new materials
The donation, to take advantage of the CLUB  MEMBER option,

is 13 euros a year (equal to approximately 14 USD) 
 (the renewal is not automatic)
NO ADVERTISING We will never show advertisements to Club Members

allowing you for 12 months, to enjoy the benefits of the Club Member option which is our way to thank you for the financial support.
When your CLUB MEMBER option is about to expire, by accessing the site, you will read a message that will warn you and you will be free to decide if you wish to renew your donation.
The new 12-month period starts on the day you renew the option.
Of course we rely on you ^ - ^
Bottom of the page You can choose whether to pay with Pay Pal,  or with your Credit Card. 

With the Club Member option, currently, you can:
1 - download, royalty free,  50 textures per day. There is no possibility to accumulate the number of downloads If you don't download them, the daily total is always 50 textures per day.  If on the same day, for any reason, you download the same texture several times, only 1 download is calculated
2 - download, royalty free, textures with maps, where they are already available.
To filter textures with maps, you have to select, "Show only PBR textures" available in each category of textures
demo Show only PBR textures
3 -  Downloading 3D models, no daily download limit.
4 - may download some promotional packages, textures or other graphics materials, free only for CLUB MEMBERS
5 - NO ADVERTISING We will never show advertisements to Club Members
6 - The donation, as such, is not refundable under any circumstances . 
Textures can be used without paying a royalty: this means that with your Club Member option, you are not buying our textures, and like all other users, to use them, you are subject to our Terms of Use. For any doubt, about the use of textures, before you start downloading, please read our Terms of Use

Thanks in advance for your contribution
Sketchup Texture Club Admins

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