How it works
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How it works

To download the textures, You must login. if you have not already done so  you can register here
Free account
With your free account, you download up to 15 textures every day for free,
Small’ and ‘Medium’ sized images.
A user,  can make only a single inscription, identifiable with your user ID. 
Club member account
Need more or bigger images ?
you want to help support the costs of the site?
then you can become a Club Member 
Club Members account, can download up to 50 textures every day,
high resolution size images, and has many other benefits
NOTE : The download count is based on 24 hours: if I start to download today's at 3 o'clock pm, and I reach the limit, can I download again tomorrow, after at 3 o'clock pm .
Sketchuptextureclub, reserves the right to modify at any time, subscription modalities, and the terms downloads for textures. In that case, annual subscriptions as "Club member", will maintain the same benefits, until the expiration date.
Our textures may be used for many different purposes, such as 2D or 3D computer graphics, website design, advertising banners, 3D animation, computer games and 3D models; You are kindly requested to read in detail the terms of use, because there are important details which clarify when and how this is doable.
Some things are not allowed, for example selling our Textures, or use these textures inside software, as lumion or shader, or be transformed into vismat texture or other materials, within the 3D graphics programs as thea, vray or similar, for reselling
We invite you to read carefully the details of our Terms of Use

How to surfing among the textures

the textures are divided into 3 main categories
You can click directly on the image of the macro-category ( for example ARCHITECTURE)
how it work example
to access all the folders that contain the textures included in that category as in the example below
how it work example 2
By clicking on the preview of each category of textures, for example BRICKS, you can access all kinds of available bricks textures

Alternatively,  by clicking on the list on the left, for each macro-category, you will have access to its subfolders that contain the textures included in that category as in the example below

For example: by clicking on ROADS, you can see all the respective typologies of textures included

in the ROADS category, composed of : asphalt - asphalt dameged - paving streets - roads - stone roads,
you can see that under the heading Paving streets, there are 3 subfolder, to which you can access, or by clicking on the list, or by clicking directly on the image preview

by clicking on the preview image, you will see all existing texture in the folder
for example: here I clicked onCobbelstone
we have implemented 4 different ways to navigate through the textures
1 - by moving the mouse on the thumbnails, you will have an immediate view of the detail of the textures

2 - by clicking on the small lens, you can immediately see the enlargement of the texture
3 - by clicking the arrows, you can scroll quickly through all previews Enlarged
4 - or, clicking on the small lens, open the first texture, and then roll the mouse wheel up and down: you will see all textures zoomed,  without having to open and close each texture ^-^ 

if you want to download the texture, click on the preview image, and you'll see this window
Also here, you can navigate the image and enlarge it, to download it, click on Download

Social sharing
You can share your texture, the main social, just click on one of incone at bottom of page,  as in the example above 
We wish you good work and good surfing.
Welcome to your new CG Community!
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