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1 - What is this website?
Sketchuptextureclub  is a website that offers  textures  of all sorts of materials. We have pictures of fabrics,  bricks, plastic, concrete, tiles, wood, metal, and many more, can be used for graphic design, visual effects, in computer games and any other situation where you need
You can download up to 15 images for free every day. if you want to help both to support their site costs, that for the production of new material, or If you need more or bigger images, you can become an CLUB MEMBER
2 - May I use these textures for free or do I need to pay royalties?
You do not need to pay royalties or a usage fee. Textures may be downloaded and used free of charge.
No permission is granted to sell or redistribute the textures as a competing product, even when the images are modified. Please do not redistribute or sell textures by themselves, or as texture packs, or as clipart, or as material packs, or as scrapbooking packs.
3 - Can I use the textures in my scrapbooking work?
Yes, use in scrapbooking is allowed, but only for your direct and personal use.
To make this concept very clear: do you use the materials for your own scrapbook? This is allowed. Want to offer/sell scrapbooking materials to other people? This is not allowed. We do not allow any kind of resale  as scrapbooking materials (even when the images are modified).
4 - May I use your textures in printed media?
Yes. You are free to use the textures in printed media, such as CD covers, in-store display materials, and flyers, DVD covers, books,  magazines, advertisements
5 - May I use your textures to design a website?
You are free to use the textures for (commercial) website design if you are creating a unique personal website (not for a webdesign that does this by profession for commercial purposes this is considered reselling textures. )
6 - Can I use your textures in Second Life ?
no, you can not the use of our textures in Second Life or any other Linden Lab product.
7 -  I am a Sims 2 player, I wish to use your textures to recolour game objects, and walls and floors. If I am successful, may I share my recolours with other Sims players? These would, of course, be offered free of charge.
you can use the textures, but you can not share them and make them usable for others, even if modified. Instead of sharing them , we invite you to adding  the following text : One or more textures have been created with textures from sketchuptextureclub.com. These textures may not be redistributed by default; please visit www.sketchuptextureclub.com for more information. 
8 - Can I create materials for a render program using images from sketchuptextureclub.com  and sell or redistribute these materials?
No. You are not allowed to redistribute shaders / materials created with our textures modified or not. We consider this resale as Textures.  This also includes:
  • Repackaging these textures inside of a software or bundling them as part of a shader for a render engine (stand alone or plugin) such as Vray, Thea Render, Maxwell, Corona, Lumion, 2D Floor Plan, or any type of software.
  • realtime materials sold through the Unreal Marketplace,  Unity Marketplace  or any other Linden Lab product or service
9 - May I use your textures to make a (commercial) computer game?
Yes, But only if the textures are not downloadable directly. Please take note that it is not allowed to release our textures  under Open Source licenses, even when the images are modified.
10 - Do I need to add credits, or copyright attribution or a link to this website when I use these textures?
Credits are not required, but a link are always appreciated
11 - I have used the textures on a 3D model. Am I allowed to sell the 3d model and textures as a bundle?
Yes,  but at the following condition:
  • you are not a company that sells 3D models online, but you are a designer or architect, a professional who produces a 3D model for the exclusive use of your client
  • Whenever possible, add the following text in the documentation that accompanies the 3D model:
    "One or more textures on this 3D model were created with images from sketchuptextureclub. These images not be redistributed by default, please visit www.sketchuptextureclub.com for more information "
  • Distribution or sale of your model 3 through any internet channel is not allowed in any way
12  - May I put your textures on my own website, on my blog or on my facebook , or on social media ?
No, redistribution of the textures is not allowed, as it is clearly explained in Texture usage , section 2, paragraph "i", of our terms of use
13 - May I create a texture pack with these textures and sell it on TurboSquid, Cornucopia, Second Life,  or any other similar site?
No. You are not allowed to sell or distribute textures created with  our images. To make this extra clear: Modified or not, images may not be redistributed or sold in any way and in any form.
14 - May I release these textures under an Open Source or Creative Commons, GPL, license etc?
No. These textures may not be released under Open Source licenses.
15 - Is it possible to contribute my own textures?
No. we are not an open marketplace and we are not accepting external collaborations to our library  if not those of the photographers who collaborate with us we know personally, in this way we are sure of the origin and the intellectual property of the images we publish
16 - I can not download the predicted number of textures a day, What happen ?
When you click on download , if you have set in the browser the default folder for the download,  the download start , without asking where to save. the file goes directly in your downloads folder ,
In these cases, some do not realize that the download is started, and again clicking the link. if you click several times on the same link, it increases the download counter
Before you click  again , controls in your downloads folder.
Or create a specific folder for downloads on your desktop, so that you can immediately check the files you've downloaded
NOTE : The download count is based on 24 hours: if I start to download today's at 3 o'clock pm, and I reach the limit, can I download again tomorrow, after 3 o'clock pm 
17 - I subscribed as a Club Member, I would like to know if the annual renewal is automatic
The membership is for a full year. With pay pal there is no automatic renewal
Shortly before the deadline, you'll get a message telling you
that your subscription is about to expire, You are free to renew it or not to renew it.
18 -  Because the limit number of Download you do not update although it's past midnight?
Your download count is reset to zero every 24 hours: for example, if you download your first texture today at 3pm, the counter will reset tomorrow at 3pm.

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