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Hi everyone,
We are one of the most popular sites in the world with an average of 7 million monthly visits and our 3D Archviz portal is able to offer our CLUB MEMBERs, who are those who support us, a broad international vision dedicated to the best artists, architects and designers with the aim of promoting their works and their activities through publication on the site.
The publication of the works in the 3D ARCHVIZ gallery takes place only upon approval and only if it meets the following requirements:
The selection is made taking into account many factors: we first look at the quality of each rendering, the design, the style with particular attention to the ability to coordinate and balance spaces, colors and materials, offering an overall vision in step with the times.
Each designer, architect, or studio will have direct access to their work area and will be able to upload their works independently.  You will have a page available for each individual project, as in this example
All works are visible in high resolution and navigable in full size, and cannot be downloaded.
It will truly be a great opportunity to be present because it means having broad international visibility which, as such, can encourage new business contacts.
You wish to participate in the 3D ARCHVIZ GALLERY ?
Have you created a job using our textures?
Do you want to bring it to our attention to publish it in our 3D Archviz gallery?
in this case follow these instructions:
  • Write to info(at)sketchuptexture.com
  • indicating your registration email
  • Email subject: 3D ARCHVIZ
  • Please provide the link to your project so we can see if it meets the requirements. The Team will evaluate your proposal and if it meets the requirements we will give you authorization to upload it to the site
  • You will receive an email notifying you that you have been enabled to access your reserved area to upload your work
  • are necessary, a minimum of 4 images of the same project to complete and publish your page.
  • MINIMUM resolution 1200x800 px or 800x1200
  • maximum number of loadable images 18
  • Publishing permission is valid only for the project for which you have been authorized. You can only upload one project at a time. When you have done so, notify us with an email, so that we can publish it as quickly as possible.
    If you want to publish your other projects, contact us again.
download here "GET PUBLISHED" user guide
to learn how to use your personal area


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