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Hello everyone
The publication of the works in the 3D ARCHVIZ gallery,  is BY INVITATION
We select the best works of art from the members of our  3D CHALLENGE and SKETCHUP TEXTURE Facebook groups

in 3D Archviz portal , We offer a broad international view for top CG artists and designers to promote their artworks through " 3D ARCHVIZ", an free international portal that wants to thrust excellences in our Community.
You did a job by using our textures?
do you want to subject it to our attention for publishing it in our 3D gallery Archviz?
in this case follow these instructions. They will be allowed to publish only the best works
The selection is done taking into account many factors :  We  first of all look at the quality of each rendering, modeling skills , lighting , materials,  render settings , composition of the scene.
We look to the interior design or the architectural style,  with an particular attention to the ability to coordinate and balance the colors, the materials,  and the style.  Finally the general idea and the artist's personalization
Each artist will have direct access to his work area and will be able to loaded it autonomously his works. Each selected artist, will have available a page for each individual project, as in this example.
All works are visible in high resolution and navigable at full size
For the best CG Artists, it will be really a great opportunity to be present. The portal is supported and sponsored by the most famous Italian design companies, and will become an international point of reference, thanks to the action of marketing's to which the site will be subject
If you would like to participate in 3D ARCHVIZ GALLERY
just join in our Facebook group by clicking on the image below

 You have been invited to participate and You're not yet registered on the our website?
  1. click here under on "CLICK HERE TO REGISTER"
  2. then write me at info(at)sketchuptexture.com
  3. Object: 3D ARCHVIZ
  4. pointing your registration email .  You will receive an email that notifies you that you have been enabled for access  to your private area, for uploading your work
  5. Give your project´s link for verification
you are already registered to our site?
  1. write me at  info(at)sketchuptexture.com
  2. remember: Object 3D ARCHVIZ
  3. pointing your registration email . You will receive an email that notifies you that you have been enabled for access to your private area, for uploading your work
  4. Give your project´s link for verification

  • are necessary, a minimum of 4 images of the same project to complete and publish your page.
  • MINIMUM resolution 1200x800 px or 800x1200
  • maximum number of loadable images 18
The authorization to publish is valid only for the project for which you have been invited . if you want to publish other your projects, please contact us, indicating a link where you can see them.
The Team will evaluate your proposal and if it meets the requirements of "BEST ARCHVIZ", then we will give you authorization to upload it on the site
download here "GET PUBLISHED" user guide
to learn how to use your personal area


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