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We tried using VERAS for SKETCHUP

Veras is an AI-powered visualization add-in, that uses your 3d model geometry as a substrate for creativity and inspiration. Take your SketchUp ideation and visualization workflows to the next level using AI tech.

So we want to share our first experience with you testing VERAS for Sketchup which we did using the trial version. The trial version, compared to the paid version, does not allow you to obtain images greater than 1024 x1024 px and allows you to do around 30 tests.
The operation is similar to Sketchup Diffusion, (see image 4) but using the same prompt, after several tests, I managed to obtain better images, in my opinion, as you can see from the views I attach.
BELOW SOME USEFUL NOTES regarding the settings
Override is the input with which the geometry will change compared to the original model. The lower the values, the more detail is preserved from the original model, while higher values can generate more creative results.
The lower the values, the more the original aesthetic is maintained, while higher values modify the aesthetic producing creative results and color changes
Point 3 - PROMPT
(you can choose a predefined style, and in this case the result will be very different from the 3D model. Or, you can choose to describe what exactly you want to obtain specific aesthetic content in the generated rendering, with a PROMPT
The intensity of the prompt modifies the visual impact: low values produce more attenuated visual results (see image 2 with Prompt Strength set to 30), while higher values produce results with more intense colors and greater contras (see image 3 with Prompt set to 50 )
IMAGE REFERENCE 2 - Veras render prompt set to 30
Prompt used:  " living room,white ceiling, all walls in light pearl grey, vertical slats and shelves in natural oak wood, sofa in graphite gray velvet, fabric cushions same colors as the 3D model, white linen curtains, jute fiber carpet,Top of the larger coffee table in MDF pearl gray color and brass structure, Top of the smaller coffee table in MDF white color and brass structure, Light gray leather pouf, pearl gray wood floor "
Veras for Sketchup, render prompt
Veras render prompt set to 50  -  Same prompt as image 2
Veras for Sketchup, render prompt set to 50
IMAGE REFERENCE 4  - renderered whit Sketchup Diffusion
The rendering looks nicer and maybe even a little more realistic, butAs can be seen, despite having given the input to maintain the geometry of the model 100%, and despite the prompt, the carpet is not in jute, the pouf is not in gray leather, the top of the coffee table is not in gray MDF, the curtains are not in transparent white linen, the sofa on the peninsula side is deformed, the walls have changed color,  and on the first shelf,  behind the sofa, the laptop has disappeared.
We are still very far from obtaining a beautiful image that perfectly respects our original project, but the road is all uphill.The important thing is not to be left behind, to try to understand and evaluate how AI can be used to serve our creativity and professionalism.
If you are looking for information on Veras for Sketchup click here
If you are looking for information on Sketchup Diffusion click here
See you soon and good work everyone !
Sketchup Textire Team

by Sketchup Texture - Posted on Friday, January 19, 2024

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