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CS Design Studio.
Chonburi, THAILAND
ABOUT ME: About me
Name: Mr.Chanin Pinthongkham
Working on building design and presentation
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CS Design Studio
My challanges on SKETCHUPTEXTURE


Entry 1 Coastal Office
Votes: 2495
SketchUp, TheaRender, PS
Entry 2 Sea Office
Votes: 2235
SketchUp, TheaRender, PS
About my workMy concept
To give a sense of the warmth of the south coast of California Look at the lives of the people of leisure, and local people are busy all the time.
Therefore, choose a time between 9:00 to 11:00 in day of the sky clean.

Rendering Program : Thea render studio.
Location area : 200x200 square meter
Rendering modes: Progressive AO.
Time: 45 minutes
White Balance: 5800k
Contrast: 40%
HDRI: fit
Effect: proxy of the people, plants, ships.
Material effect: Bump & Displacement scaled to match the real
Retouch: No
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