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ABOUT ME: My name is Sachin Mahajan, I am a freelance 3D Architectural Visualizer based in India. I am available for work. Please do message me with your requirement. I will do my best to match your expectations and provide you with beautiful renders for your projects .
Let me help turn your amazing architectural designs in to beautiful images that will impress your potential clients. Excellent value for money.

To contact me please write to this email address
Thank you.

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A Tiny 400 Square Feet Stockholm Apartment! A Tiny 400 Square Feet Stockholm Apartment!
Rendezvous With Martin Architects Rendezvous With Martin Architects
white Kitchen white Kitchen
Nyhavn: Copenhagen By 3D-vizual Nyhavn: Copenhagen By 3D-vizual
Makleri & Interior, Sweden Makleri & Interior, Sweden
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