Dining and TV area | vray render by Mahmoud Amer
Living room | vray render by Mahmoud Amer
Living area | vray render by Mahmoud Amer
TV Area | vray render by Mahmoud Amer
Dining room SketchUp Image

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LIVING & DINING ROOM by Mahmoud Amer Free 3D Model

License: all rights reserved
File size: 154,73 MB  |  Rating: 3  |  Downloads: 26277
by Mahmoud Amer
Designer Info
Profession: Arch
Cairo, EGYPT
Technical Information
Rendering engine: Vray 2
Post process: PS
3D format: Sketchup 8
Download: ZIP File - 154,73 MB

hello Guys
I thought I'd make you an homage by sharing with you my latest work made with SketchUp and renderd with Vray: Is a large bright living room, with a dedicated dining area.
I carefully studied the combination of colors and materials to make it cozy and comfortable
For the furniture, I used a very dark wood and to lighten the layout, I chose a cream-colored floor, while the chairs and sofas, I chose an ivory white.

I have then taken up these colors for the walls, using the lighter shades, for curtains and pillows and I enlivened the atmosphere with a shot of yellow. and in the end, I felt satisfied with the result ^-^
All The textures used here, are taken from Sketchup Texture Club whom I thank very much for all the awesome material that makes available to us.
The original 3D model, was made with SketchUp 2015, but I saved the file in SketchUp 8, in such a way everyone can download it and use it for practice.
I hope you like it too ^-^
Happy day to all, Mahmoud Amer
posted by Mahmoud Amer
January 20, 2017

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