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Designer info and inspiration
We are always looking for new and specials "design concepts " ,
able to attract our attention, and present them to you to tickle your creativity to experiment with new features and new looks, new settings and new emotions.
Today we were fascinated by this fantastic Italian company : MOMENTI, is a company created by the brothers Alexander and Matthew Bagnai, defined the tailors of Italian design.
MOMENTI-di-Bagnai-Matteo-crazy home 1

Is an artistic design laboratory with the aim of customizing furnishing spaces through exciting and charming solutions. The new collection by Momenti is able to cover any surface, whether they be floors, walls, decor or furniture. The working process allows to customize any kind of coverings, starting from an idea, an intuition, a simple drawing supplied by the Client or a picture taken from their catalog.
 MOMENTI-di-Bagnai-Matteo-crazy home 2
Momenti’s technical and creative office directly interacts with designers, architects and professionals of the field in order to find suitable solutions for any kind of environments. 
MOMENTI-di-Bagnai-Matteo-crazy home3
This way, every single corner of the house becomes unique and unrepeatable. This means offering to your clients some unique , exclusive choices and many innovative and versatile solutions for the home, office and industry Contract.
MOMENTI-di-Bagnai-Matteo-crazy home 4
The need to create and get in the game are the strengths of MOMENTI, that, through the lines "CRAZY HOME" (Paintings & Furniture), "CRAZY PAPERS" and "CRAZY TILE", It offers us, a new way of thinking, seeing and conceiving the environment. 
MOMENTI-di-Bagnai-Matteo-crazy home 5
Together with his team, a really beautiful band of "mad artists", MOMENTI gives life to material and color surfaces cut artfully. The collections are born from tests of liquid materials and matter; the continuing search for a different finish, ecological, indestructible and at the same time exciting.
MOMENTI-di-Bagnai-Matteo-crazy home 6
CRAZY PAPER textiles are made out of special spun yarns with very thin glass fibers obtained by means of melting at a temperature of 2552° F. Thus, the fibers keep glass chemical and physical properties, also in textiles.

MOMENTI-di-Bagnai-Matteo-crazy papers
CRAZY PAPER textiles is fireproof, eco-friendly, Hygienic and are treated with a special starch which facilitates the covering during execution. The different textures of CRAZY PAPER textiles can be applied on every kind of places. Glass fiber textile is a highly innovative material for the finishing of all internal walls, so that they look fresh, functional and definitely modern compared to traditional wallpapers
MOMENTI-di-Bagnai-Matteo-crazy papers 2
CRAZY TILE are made of Glazed porcelain, consisting of a mixture of clay, sand and other natural substances cooked at high temperature beyond 1200°C (2192°F).
MOMENTI-di-Bagnai-Matteo-crazy tiles
THE FABRICS: The materials used for the sofas and for cover of its elements all have Fireproof Certification in all three major International Classes (1IM/ British Standard/ TB117). This also certifies the fabric, being a 100% polyester Trevira CS, with fireproof properties directly built in its fibers, making it suitable both for domestic and public areas.
MOMENTI-di-Bagnai-Matteo-home furniture
MOMENTI-di-Bagnai-Matteo-home furniture
With the design, MOMENTI is able to communicate feelings and emotions. So are born paintings, furniture, decorative coatings and objects with a strong artistic mark, by creating strong images, sweet, dark and touching. The result is true art applied to everyday design.
MOMENTI-di-Bagnai-Matteo-crazy home 7
From the site of the producer, you can view and download the following catalogs in pdf
Crazy Home Furniture
Crazy Paper
Crazy Paper News 2016
I recommend you go and see them because they are a real source of inspiration.
MOMENTI-di-Bagnai-Matteo-crazy home 7
For this reason, here we propose a selection of the most interesting pictures, taken from the Momenti collection, to invite you to try to include them in your new 3D designs. The images are not seamless, because the feature of this design is the patchwork effect, random, surprising and reflects the motto of Bagnai Brothers, founders of 'company :

" They will tell you that you are crazy, but we like to remember that sometimes
we must have the courage to believe in what others do not see"

by Sketchup Texture - Posted on Monday, January 9, 2017

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