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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Olympic Games 2016
by Sketchup Texture - Posted on Saturday, August 6, 2016 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Olympic Games 2016 Brazil starts Rio 2016 Olympics
with music and a plea to stop climate change at opening ceremony.

On our website, there are users from all nations present at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, which is why we want to do a great good luck to all of their athletes and to dedicate this short article as a sign of peace and brotherhood among peoples, joined here by a common passion for design.

The Olympic Games, an internationally renowned event, is perhaps the only one in the world capable of awakening in each individual the most important social values of humanity, in fact, in the final period before each Olympics will take this opportunity to address and reaffirm all the primary ethical issues of human rights

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by Sketchup Texture - Posted on Monday, May 23, 2016 MINI CHALLENGE - TOP WORKS MINI CHALLENGE - TOP WORKS
It has been over for just a few hours this second mini challenge: a small laboratory within the group which was attended by several members with commitment and enthusiasm, who are learning to become familiar with the 3d visualization.

There are many notable works, each with its own particular value, among which, we chose those that, in our view, have particularly distinguished themselves.
As always, we do not elect a first, second, third place etc, because each of the participants has given their best, commensurate with their experience Therefore we publish below, our selection, ordered by presentation of the works

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by Sketchup Texture - Posted on Monday, May 2, 2016 MINI CHALLENGE WINNERS Was concluded a few hours ago the first mini challenge, organized by our working group on Facebook dedicated to all those who are beginning to explore the techniques of modeling and 3D visualization

In the future, we will arrange these mini challenges frequently: the spirit of these mini challenges, is to create a concrete motivation to stimulate the desire to practice: doing homework together is much more stimulating !

The comments and advice, of those who have already buying experience and knowledge in these mini challenges, are worth more than any tutorial, and give at the participating in the our working group, a sense of more active and constructive involvement, giving way to a real workshop.

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by Sketchup Texture - Posted on Friday, April 8, 2016 WELCOME WELCOME , we are finally on line !

It has been a very demanding work that required a lot of time, and it was not easy to plan, organize, and think of everything, but finally, here we are! The creation of this web site, is a natural consequence, which arises from the need to:
- better safeguard our materials.
since many blogs and facebook pages, have illegally copied all of our content, uploading them on their sites and passing them off as their content, copying our form, and our logo, in an obvious attempt to impersonate us, we had to resort to obligatory registration.
This does not save us from internet pirates and by those who live annuity exploiting the work of others, but certainly allows us to better safeguard our materials ...

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